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    Is it safe to come into our office?

    Yes. We are following state and federal COVID-19 guidelines. The safety of our patients and staff is our utmost concern. Being a medical/surgical clinic, we normally place a high priority on cleanliness and anti-septic technique. In this COVID-19 era, we added additional steps to prevent infection, such as screening and face masks.

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    What measures is VA taking to ensure patient safety?

    We are following CDC guidelines. All patients and staff are screened for elevated temperature and viral symptoms. All patients and staff wear masks. We ask all patients and guests to bring a mask. If you do not have one, we will provide you with one. All clinical and public areas as regularly cleaned with surgical grade cleaning products.

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    Has anyone at VA been infected with COVID-19?

    No. To our knowledge, none on our staff or patients have contracted COVID-19.

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    Is VA “open for business?”

    Yes. Governor Kemp has authorized that elective medical and surgical procedures can take place. We are actively scheduling patients and resuming office based vein treatments.

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    What options do I have for evaluation?

    There are three options. A “new patient office visit” is our basic, most thorough evaluation. This involves a history and physical examination, an ultrasound examination, a review of the findings, and discussion about recommendations. This evaluation can be billed to your insurance company, or it can be self pay. This evaluation can be used to obtain approval for possible vein treatment. A new patient office visit takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

    A “free screening” is a 10 – 15 minute meeting between the patient and the provider in the office. This is typically used for patients that have questions limited to cosmetic concern, or if the patient is not sure if the legs symptoms are related to a vein problem. It is not a substitute for a full new patient office visit. In many situations, the conclusion of a free screening may be to recommend a full new patient office visit.

    A “free virtual consult” is a new category available in this COVID-19 era, to allow a patient to have a conversation with a provider from home. It is a 10 minute conversation over the telephone or via a Zoom meeting. It is not a substitute for a full new patient office visit. The conclusion of a future virtual consult may be to recommend a full new patient office visit.