The sun does not cause varicose veins or spider veins. However, vein problems can get worse in the summer due to the heat. It is the heat that causes the veins to become larger.

One function of normal veins is to bring blood close to the skin to cool the body. In hot weather, or in a sauna, or during exercise, the body tries to cool down by dilating (enlarging) the veins under the skin. In people that have venous reflux (also called venous insufficiency), blood pools abnormally in the leg veins. So the combination of the body being hot and venous reflux causes the veins to really bulge.

Many people get their vein problem fixed in the cooler weather so they are ready for summer. It is also easier to wear compression stockings in the cooler weather. But what also happens is that people don’t start to think about their varicose veins or spider veins until the warm weather is already here. Many times they decide to go ahead and get the veins treated in the summer. The fall and the end of the year are also popular times to get veins treated, because of the cool weather and also because many people have reached their deductible or maximum out of pocket for the year. But get in early! At VEINatlanta, by October we are usually full for the rest of the year.