Dr. Fonger had the pleasure of attending the IVC meeting this year in Miami. This annual conference is held to update vein therapy practitioners in the U.S. on the latest techniques and therapies that are emerging in the field. There are invited lectures from various leaders on the full range of topics that may be relevant to both standard and advanced vein care. It purposely is not meant to be a Society meeting with deep academic research or esoteric discussions. Instead, the meeting features live surgery, technical videos, and panels for discussion of emerging topics.

This year, the hot topics included new therapies for superficial vein closure without having to inject tumescent anesthesia by injecting glue to close the veins (VenaSeal) or mechanically irritating the lining of the vein to cause it to shut down (ClariVein). These techniques are now available in the U.S. but have an additional cost during this period of establishing their insurance codes. There was also considerable talk about collecting patient reported outcomes to document the benefit from the treatments being offered. The vein therapy field continues to mature with formal certifications for vein centers now being offered and more emphasis of practitioner training and Board examination.

VEINatlanta continues to monitor and adopt these latest techniques and therapies to assure that we offer state of the art venous care to our patients.