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    What conditions do you treat?

    At VEINatlanta, we treat Venous Insufficiency which causes:

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    What are varicose veins?

    Varicose veins are large veins on the legs that protrude or bulge. They can be blue, bluish-green, or purple. Sometimes they are colorless; they just cause the skin to bulge out. Learn more about vein conditions.

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    What are spider veins?

    Spider veins are small, thin veins on the skin. They can be red, blue, or purple. Learn more about vein conditions.

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    Do you treat facial veins?

    Yes. We use laser treatment on facial veins. We offer a free consultation for facial veins.

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    Do you treat hand veins?

    Yes. We do sclerotherapy on hand veins. We offer a free consultation for hand veins.

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    Do you treat vulvar veins?

    Yes we do. A new patient office visit is necessary for that evaluation.

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    What type of visit do I need?

    If you have any leg symptoms, such as:

    • heaviness
    • discomfort
    • achy legs
    • swelling
    • restless legs
    • night cramps
    • bulging veins

    then a new patient office visit is best. If you were referred by another doctor, a new patient office visit is best.

    If your concern is primarily cosmetic related to small spider veins and your legs do not have any symptoms, then a free screening is a good idea. If you are not sure if you have a vein problem or you just want to learn more about vein treatments, a free screening is an option.

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    What is the difference between a free screening and a new patient office visit?

    A free screening is designed for people who are not sure if they have a vein problem and for patients who just have cosmetic concerns about spider veins. A free screening involves a spot check ultrasound for venous reflux and a brief discussion with Dr. Prevosti, Dr. Fonger, or Dr. Moore. Plan on being here about an hour.

    A new patient office visit is a full evaluation, including a history and physical, a complete ultrasound examination, a treatment plan, and discussion with Dr. Prevosti, Dr. Fonger, or Dr. Moore. Plan on being here about 2 hours.

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    What can I expect during my first appointment?

    A new patient office visit consists of a medical history, physical examination , complete ultrasound examination of the legs, creation of a treatment plan, and discussion with Dr. Prevosti, Dr. Fonger, or Dr. Moore. Plan to be in the office about 2 hours.

    A free screening consists of a physical exam, a spot check ultrasound for venous reflux, and a brief discussion with Dr. Prevosti, Dr. Fonger, or Dr. Moore. Plan to be in the office about 1 hour.

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    What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

    You will need your driver’s license and insurance card. To save you time in the waiting room, please complete these forms and bring them with you.

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    Do I need to fill out any forms?

    Yes. To save you time in the waiting room, please print complete these forms before your appointment and bring them with you.

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    How much will my first visit cost? Will insurance pay for my visit?

    That depends on your treatment plan and your insurance plan. Most treatments are covered by insurance. Your out of pocket expense will depend on your specific insurance plan. We submit the treatment plan to your insurance carrier for pre-authorization before treatment begins. Based on your benefits, we calculate your estimated out-of-pocket expense and send you this information in a letter.

    Here is a list of insurance providers we work with.
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    Can you give me an average of what a typical patient will pay with insurance?

    There is no average. The out-of-pocket payment is dependent on your insurance plan, the number of procedures, and the types of procedures you need. When we get authorization from your insurance carrier for your procedures, we will calculate your estimated out-of-pocket expense.

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    Is sclerotherapy for treating spider veins covered by insurance?

    That depends on your insurance carrier, and whether the treatment is medically indicated or for cosmetic reasons.

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    I don't have any insurance. How much will it cost?

    For self pay patients, we charge the rate the federal government sets for Medicare, which is the lowest payment rate we accept. A new patient office visit with complete ultrasound cost $407.

    Once a treatment plan is created by Dr. Prevosti, Dr. Fonger, or Dr. Moore, the cost of treatment can be calculated.

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    Can I finance my payments?

    VEINatlanta accepts CareCredit, a healthcare credit card designed exclusively for financing healthcare services for you or your family.

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    Where are you located?
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    How long will my visit last?

    For a new patient office visit, plan on being here 2 hours.

    For a free screening, plan on being here 1 hour.

    For a procedure, plan on being here for 2 hours.

    For sclerotherapy, plan on being here for 45 min.

    For a follow up visit, plan on being here for half an hour.

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    What treatments do you offer for varicose veins and spider veins?
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    Which treatment is better?

    That depends on the specific situation of each patient. At the time of your evaluation, Dr Prevosti, Dr. Fonger, or Dr. Moore will discuss your treatment plan and the specific procedures recommended.

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    How long do I have to wait before I can schedule my procedures?

    Your insurance carrier may take up to 30 days to determine if your procedures are approved. Once they are approved, you will receive a letter and a phone call from us. You can then call us and schedule your procedures. We are usually scheduled 2-3 weeks out.

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    Why do I need an ultrasound?

    Ultrasounds check the deeper veins for venous insufficiency, also called venous reflux, which is the root cause of leg vein problems and many other leg problems. Ultrasound is the only way to investigate these deeper veins.

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    Why should I choose VEINatlanta?

    VEINatlanta is unique among all other vein clinics in Atlanta for several reasons.

    First, Dr Prevosti, Dr. Fonger, and Dr. Moore all have over a 20 year background as surgeons. They have collectively performed thousands of operations and thousands of vein procedures.

    Second, all three physicians dedicate 100% of their time to treating venous disorders.

    Third, all the modern, minimally invasive vein treatments are offered at VEINatlanta.

    Fourth, Dr Prevosti owns and operates VEINatlanta, so he is committed to you getting the best care, and the best outcome possible.

    Our physicians will manage your care from beginning to end. Dr Prevosti, Dr. Fonger are board certified in cardiovascular medicine, and Dr. Moore is board certified in general surgery.

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    Tell me about Dr. Prevosti

    Dr Prevosti has been part of the Atlanta medical community for over 20 years. He is a cardiovascular surgeon and has performed over 5000 open heart operations and over 5000 vein procedures. He has now dedicated 100% of his time to treating vein disorders. He is board certified in three specialties: cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, and phlebology, which is the study of vein disorders. Many patients like Dr Prevosti because of his pleasant and professional bedside manner. He explains things to patients in way they can understand.

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    What is Dr. Prevosti's title?

    He is a MD who is board certified in cardiovascular surgery and phlebology (that’s the study of vein disorders). He is also the owner and medical director of VEINatlanta.

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    Tell me about Dr. Fonger

    Dr. Fonger is board certified in general surgery and cardiovascular surgery. Throughout his career, he has worked with new therapies and technologies. He has performed several thousand cardiac surgical procedures and lectured internationally on his research conducted at Boston University and Johns Hopkins.

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    Tell me about Dr. Moore

    Dr. Moore has practiced general surgery for 20 years. He has saved many lives, cured numerous people and has many grateful patients. Over the years he developed a keen interest in phlebology (vein medicine and surgery) and has been performing vein procedures since 2012. At VEINatlanta, he dedicates his skills full time to the diagnosis and treatment of venous and lymphatic disorders.