Tom Lehman went from being an active father of three to a man who could barely walk without experiencing leg pain. After trying another vein clinic with limited results, Tom decided to try VEINatlanta. Find out what happened in this Q&A.

Why did you decide to visit VEINatlanta for your care?

I thought my tired, sore and achy legs were part of the aging process. When I spoke to my regular doctor, he put my previous medical history together with my new symptoms and suggested I see a vein specialist.

He originally referred me to a different vein clinic where I treatments. Over the following 12 months nothing improved. I decided to look for another provider. Doing some research of my own I found VEINatlanta and Dr. Prevosti.

What symptoms were you having that prompted your visit?

My legs were very tired, sore, swollen and achy. There were also visual clues that something was wrong: my skin was discolored.

How did you hear about us?

I had seen VEINatlanta on Google when doing research for a new provider. I did further research, reviewed their testimonials and was very impressed.

Tell us about your experience with Dr. Prevosti and staff?

My experience with Dr. Prevosti and his staff has been excellent. I have something to compare the experience to because I have been to another provider. In retrospect, the other provider was good, but I feel like I get much more personal attention and better results with VEINatlanta.

One thing I really like is Dr. Prevosti listens very carefully and does an excellent job explaining conditions and treatment options. I feel like he really cares and listens to my issues and concerns and is very compassionate. During the procedures his bedside manner is perfect.

What procedure did you have done?

Foam sclerotherapy. With the other provider I went almost 12 months without any improvement. The physician assistant at the other provider even said it doesn’t work for everyone and asked if the doctor had talked to me about ending treatment.

My very first session with Dr. Prevosti went differently and was very successful. I could feel that something was different in my legs. As the weeks went by, I saw my symptoms improve. The follow-up ultrasound showed that it had worked effectively.

How do you feel after surgery?

I am fine. I was able to go back to work immediately afterward.

Are you able to do anything that your condition previously made challenging?

I am feeling much better. My condition was affecting everyday life. Even walking was painful with tired and achy legs. My feet were swollen, and my legs looked angry. Now my legs feel much fresher and I’m able to get back to being myself. Prior to treatment, a short 10- to 15-minute walk made me feel like I had been running or swimming all day. Now I’ve returned to being much more active.

Any other information that will tell your story best?

As a father of three active kids I’m really glad I found Dr. Prevosti. I just wish I had found him sooner and started treatment at the first signs something was wrong.

VEINatlanta is staffed by double board certified surgeons who have treated thousands of patients with vein disease. VEINatlanta offers treatment options that other vein clinics may not have available. And VEINatlanta is locally owned and operated.

If you’ve gone to another vein clinic and not gotten results, give us a call. We’ll give you personalized attention just like we did with Tom. Call VEINatlanta at 404-446-2800 today to schedule a consultation.