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"Ever since coming to Vein Atlanta for a consultation and treatment over a year ago, my legs have felt so much better - not so "heavy," and I've been able to stand on my feet for longer periods of time. For many years I didn't think there was an option available to me, but now there is thanks to VEINatlanta.

An added bonus has been the cheerful, caring, competent and professional staff that obviously enjoy the work they are doing. I highly recommend that you visit Dr. Prevosti for a consultation - you'll be glad you did, and it will undoubtedly change your life!"


"I highly recommend VEINatlanta. I can't express how much better I feel since I had my procedure done. It has been three months, and I haven't had to take any Aspirin or Motrin nor any vinegar water (although those were just temporary fixes). I didn't know that it was the veins that were causing me to have leg cramps. I wish I'd had surgery years ago. So don't put if off any longer give Dr. Prevosti a call at VEINatlanta."


My name is Brenda Lay, and I'm a retired correctional officer. For years I stood on my feet working. My legs would throb, ache, and feel very tired. Eventually spider veins developed. After seeing Dr. Prevosti, I realized that the problem was a little deeper. After a thorough diagnosis, modern technology, and procedures, my legs are looking and feeling much much better. Dr. Prevosti has great bedside manners and a very professional staff. If you are looking for a tremendously good vascular doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Louis Prevosti of VEINatlanta.


"When I came to VEINatlanta in April 2013 for a consultation, I realized I was at the right place at the right time. I didn’t know I had been suffering in silence for many years and that I could actually do something about it. I had no symptoms, just a noticeable bulging vein hanging off the back of my right leg. Dr. Prevosti and his staff, with their excellent bedside manners, reassured me that they could help me. They are very knowledgeable, confident and competent in their area of expertise and are equipped with the latest technology to make the diagnosis of venous insufficiency. Dr. Prevosti, a former successful heart surgeon, and now a well-respected cardiovascular surgeon has vast knowledge and experience of the cardiovascular system. He knows the equal importance of arterial flow and venous return. My first treatment consisted of radiofrequency ablation on the back of the right leg. As soon as this procedure was done, I felt an immediate energy and felt I was getting more oxygen. It was so noticeable that I knew that my quality of life had improved immediately and drastically because now my blood was circulating back to the heart efficiently and not staying stagnated out in the lower legs. Special thanks to Dr. Prevosti and his staff for helping me be my best, physical self. They are truly a blessing!"


"For a totally unrelated incident, I was advised to see a Vascular Surgeon during an emergency room visit to Northside Hospital.

My first visit to Dr. Prevosti was for the reason of the E.R. visit.

During the visit Dr. Prevosti’s assistant, Ovi, noticed my compression stockings and asked for me to remove them so he could see my legs. By his expression he did not like what he saw. After a brief examination he called in Dr. Prevosti who also did not like what he saw.

Dr. Prevosti said that my legs could ulcer if I did not get treatment and that ulcers are a difficult thing to heal. Ovi then gave me the complete exam and the process of healing treatments began.

I have been receiving treatments for a year now and I feel that things are well in hand. I have lost a shoe size, my legs have never looked better and I am growing hair on my calves for the first time since my late twenties. I feel a great weight had been removed from my legs.

Dr. Prevosti is one of the most professional medical men I have ever met. He is thoroughly knowledgeable of the Vascular System (he is a cardiac surgeon). His presence puts you totally at ease during the procedures and may I add the procedures are quick and easy and practically painless. If you have had a flu shot you can undergo the procedures. I think I have had every procedure on the list.

One last thing. The office staff is first class. They are efficient, knowledgeable and personable."


"VeinAtlanta is probably one of the best things in my life! For years I suffered with pain in my legs. I would wake up during the night crying because my legs hurt so bad. Doctor after doctor would send me to a vein doctor (over the years) only to be told that I had good circulation in my legs and insurance would not pay. I continued waking up at night in pain.

When I went for my checkup with my primary care doctor, he told me I needed to go to a vein doctor. I told him I had been to three in recent years. He said, "I want you to go to a Good vein doctor". He wrote Dr. Prevosti's name and phone number. My vein problem started when I was in my early 20s. Thank you Dr.Prevosti!!! You and your entire staff are the very best!!!! Thank you for my pain free nights!!!"


"My name is LuAnn. I am a Nurse Practitioner and I stand on my feet all day long in my job. In the last few years, I had begun to have a lot of problems with deep aching pain and swelling in my leg. I started to have to limit my activity and the pain began to interfere with my life. I had been to several doctors who could not help me because of a complicated venous condition that I have had my entire life. Then I was referred to Dr. Prevosti. The procedures that he performed for me completely eliminated the pain and swelling. I am now able to do things that I have never been able to do before! Dr. Prevosti’s compassion and expertise in the treatments that he provides are the best in his field."


"I was impressed with Dr. Prevosti’s proactive approach. He took the time to determine the root cause of my problems and he has an incredible bedside manner. I am an active tennis player and am so happy my legs don’t feel tired or achy anymore!"


"For some years I suffered from serious vein problems. The pain from swelling in my legs caused me not to be as active as my life demanded. An avid golfer my enjoyment of walking a golf course left me with heavy and tight legs causing fatigue. Even during traveling on long flights caused the same symptoms even after wearing support socks during flights. In addition to my legs not functioning well they looked ghastly with protruding veins that were unsightly and embarrassing. I needed professional help and that’s when I was blessed to meet Dr.Prevosti. He carefully preformed several in office procedures that corrected my vein problems. Today I walk the golf courses with no swelling plus my legs look great. Best part is that I have met a wonderful man that happens to be an excellent Doctor and his staff is caring and genuinely desires to help those in a professional but personal way. I’m a happy and blessed man with good looking legs thanks to them."