Sclerotherapy is a method for treating spider veins and small varicose veins. An FDA approved medicine called Asclera™ (polidocanol) is injected into the vein using a fine needle. This causes chemical irritation of the inside lining of the vein and the vein closes down. We also use glycerin.

Asclera™ can be injected as a liquid or as foam. A compression stocking is usually worn for 3-7 days. Walking and normal daily activity are encouraged immediately after the treatment. Strenuous activity and strenuous exercise are avoided for several days, as are hot tubs and saunas. These activities tend to dilate the veins. Over the next several weeks to months, the vein fades away. Depending on the amount of veins to be treated, several treatment sessions may be necessary.

VEINatlanta is fully compliant with FDA and state regulations regarding sclerotherapy medications. Asclera™ is the only FDA approved polidocanol.

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