VEINatlanta is pleased to offer VenaSeal™, a new premier service for our patients.

The VenaSeal™ or “superglue” treatment is the first to permanently treat varicose veins by sealing them with an adhesive, thereby giving patients another treatment option for this common condition. It is a new way of closing the main vein in the leg that causes varicose veins (usually either the great saphenous vein GSV or the small saphenous vein SSV or both). When the VenaSeal or “superglue” treatment is performed, only one needle hole is needed per vein treated as there is no need for the additional injections of local anesthetic around the vein, unlike endovenous laser ablation or radiofrequency ablation. Because the VenaSeal™ system does not incorporate heat application or cutting, the in-office procedure can allow patients to quickly return to their normal activities, with less bruising.

VenaSeal™ is a premier service and is not currently covered by private medical insurance. It is therefore only available to those patients who are paying for themselves and wish to undergo this procedure.

Once a duplex ultrasound scan has been performed to identify exactly how many veins and what pattern of venous reflux needs treatment, we will be very happy to quote a price for the VenaSeal™ or “superglue” treatment based on each patient’s individual needs. Evaluation for treatment may be covered by your insurance. Free screenings are currently available.