There are two methods of spider vein treatment.  If you have a lot of spider veins, or have any bothersome leg symptoms, it would be wise if you had an ultrasound examination first.  This checks to see if you have venous insufficiency, which can cause spider veins.  If you do have significant venous insufficiency, then get this treated first, before your spider vein treatment.

The most common method of spider vein treatment is sclerotherapy.  This involves injecting the spider veins with a medicine to close the veins down; over time, the body absorbs them and they fade away.  A tiny needle is used so it is not painful.  Frequently spider veins need more than one sclerotherapy session, and it takes several months to see the full effect.

The second method is surface laser therapy (or intense pulsed light).  A powerful light beam is used on the spider veins to close them down.  The light waves are absorbed by the red/blue pigment in the blood and closes the veins; the body then absorbs the veins over time and they fade away.

Wearing compression stockings at work and while traveling will help minimize the development of new spider veins.