Varicose veins get worse over time for several reasons. The underlying cause of varicose veins is venous insufficiency. This is a condition where the one way valves in the veins in the legs fail, causing blood to flow backward and pool in the leg veins. This is a chronic condition and it gets worse over time. The long term effects of gravity and age also play a role in varicose veins and spider veins. Gravity is constantly trying to pull blood back down the legs, putting stress on the valves. As we age, the valve tissue and vein wall tissue weaken. Eventually, these forces can cause the valves to fail, resulting in venous insufficiency. Some people have abnormal veins since they were young because the number one risk factor is genetic. Most people inherit the trait of venous insufficiency, and at some point in their lives, symptoms develop. The protruding veins on the arm are different from the varicose veins on the legs. Arm and hand veins become larger over time because the veins lose their elasticity and dilate. Also, the skin tends to become thinner as we age, and this allows the veins to show more.

Varicose Veins